Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tuesday's Treasures - Baby Birds

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Bonsack Lowe's . Roanoke

The other day we discovered these cute babies in a nest in one of our trees for sale. I wasn't tall enough to get a pic without disturbing them so a tall co-worker did for me haha....

I made this sign so hopefully nobody bothers we moved some other trees kind of in front of it for a little protection...I think they are Robins because when we are near it a Robin flies from the tree and perches nearby and watches us haha...she's a good mama!

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  1. Hello, Love the cute birds, I am sure mama is taking good care of her babies. Have a happy day and great week ahead.

  2. So cute! And now the mom has you for a protective friend!

  3. Very cool, team work got it done for the wee birds.

  4. I'm so happy you were able to protect them; very sweet.

  5. How sweet, thank goodness they have you to take good care of them.

  6. So sweet! And so good of you to care! Our grandson and his wife are not using their garage because a robin made her nest above it. I am so happy that they care!

  7. Sweet! Bless you for protecting them.

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