Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tuesday's Treasures - Little Old Truck

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I noticed this truck quite recently. It is parked in a car port right down the street from me at a house that is for sale....the house has been for sale for a while and then all of a sudden this truck was reminded me of the one I showed you RIGHT HERE
I don't normally just wander on other people's property so I checked the listing on Zillow and the house was empty so I drove up the drive one afternoon and snapped a few shots....I was a little nervous though haha...I'm glad I did it then because a day or two later there were people mowing and a new car in the drive!

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Happy St Patrick's Day! Wear your green haha


  1. ...what a great rat rod! Tanya this is a wonderful find, thanks for sharing. Stay safe and healthy.

  2. I would love to know this truck's story!

  3. Lovely 1946-47 Ford pickup, but it may be on a different chassis given the position of the wheels. Too bad your earlier picture of that same year Ford pickup was used for target practice. Good stuff there for a project.

  4. That truck is a beauty; needs to be restored.

    Stay safe.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. I love that old truck and hope it will be restored. That would be truly amazing.

  6. A truck like a story, or better: like a whole novel!
    Stay save (we have house arrest here)

  7. Gosh that's a photogenic old beauty Tanya, what a find!

  8. Look at you trespassing! I love this truck; what a story it could tell.

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