Thursday, May 20, 2021

Thankful Thursday - Family

 Mother’s Day 2021

Hi!! Boy have I missed blogging! Got kind of out of the groove when I was having computer issues which I’m still experiencing with memory issues. I got a storage drive thing but haven’t moved everything over and I haven’t even been using my good camera at all in quite a while. I did get a new iPhone 12 for Mother’s Day so I’ve been taking lots of pictures with this! Blogging from my phone instead of the computer is a bit tricky for me still...was so used to my desktop! Hopefully I’ll catch on quickly!

So on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for my sweet family and the times that we are all able to gather together!

I am looking forward to reconnecting with my blogging family too!!

Hope you are all doing well!!

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  1. Welcome back Tanya, it's good tp hear from you again. Your family photo is a great one, everyone looks happy. Have a great evening.

  2. ...I think that I remember you!

  3. It is good to see a post from you again! You all look happy and healthy, thank goodness! I have never posted from my smart phone, don't know if I am as smart as the phone!

  4. Good you are back to posting. Your boys have grown amazingly.

  5. Nice to see your post! When I post from my phone, I can only do one or two photos at a time.

  6. Great to hear from you and thanks for linking up!


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