Sunday, April 27, 2008

Evidence of Indians

My daughter found this Friday afternoon just laying in our backyard. I had the kids picking up rocks so that they won't hit the lawn mower and she noticed this arrowhead.
Walton County was formed from lands belonging to the Creek and Cherokee Indians. It's so exciting to find a piece of history right in your own backyard!


  1. Good arrowhead. I used to look for arrowheads. One time we found a rare pink one. My ex has it.

  2. Well that's somehting i'm definately not going to find. Really interesting
    To find that in your neighbourhood.

  3. Wow, what a great find! Perhaps you have a budding archaeologist on your hands?

  4. Neat find. I know people that go out hunting for arrow heads.

  5. Neat! It's fun to collect arrowheads.

  6. Holy smokes. I walk fields up here looking for these and you got them in your back yard just laying around. Neat.

    I don't know if you got to see my granddaughter's photo or not as it had disappeared for a while some people said.

    And I found the problem and got my granddaughter's photo back up on the post today. Sorry about that.

    I don't know if I will have any luck deciphering your word verification but will try. Something I vowed not to do this morning. LOL

  7. WOW. Very cool. I found a spearpoint at Beaver Lake Nature center once--donated it to the center.

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  9. superbe, cela doit en effet faire plaisir de découvrir un bout de son histoire.

    superb, it should indeed be pleased to discover a piece of its history.

  10. That is so exciting to find a piece of history.

    I'm sure this will heighten her interest in everything around her.

    Your town looks so peaceful and friendly.


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