Thursday, January 29, 2015

Signs, Signs & A Good Fence in Christiansburg

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We were sitting in our car at Dude's Drive-In eating our lunch (I've shown you Dude's HERE ) and Braden asks "Is there a Macy's up there?"
Ha, the big red star is so Macy's!
Why no, it's a drive-in!
The Starlite is in Christiansburg, just up the road from Dude's Drive-In...they have been showing movies since 1953!
For more info you can check out their website HERE

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Frozen Dismal Falls

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Dismal Falls in Giles County

As we were driving to the falls we were hoping it would be frozen and voila, twas!

Click Here for more info on Dismal Falls :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rubbish Tuesday - Pearis Theatre

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111 So. Main St . Pearisburg . VA . 24134

Of course I had to go investigate!
Imagine how awesome these lights must have looked back in the day. This great old place was built in 1939 or 40...have seen mention of both dates.

Not in use as a theatre anymore but getting a new life as a community center.

I'm not gonna lie, this window display kind of creeped me out.

I loved these silver doors and wanted the boys to stand in front for a photo. They did not like the feel of this place and would not stand there. I had to have Nick stand with them. It wasn't until just now, researching the theatre that I found it is "haunted"! If you look into the door to the right, it looks like a small child standing there smiling. I'm sure it's just a weird reflection but a little creepy none-the-less!

I liked the way the sign looked from the other side.

They look like good sports but they really wanted away from there!

I found this neat video about a paranormal investigation held there:

And I found this blogger blogging about his memories of the theatre from the 50's Photography In Place

The Pearis Theatre

CLICK HERE for a neat website on old theatres...if you scroll to the bottom you might recognize our old Buchanan Theatre that I've shown you before.

The Waymarking Page

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Murals - Best of Giles

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This one is signed by the arteest. It is located near the courthouse. Remember my rant last week how I couldn't find info on the mural I posted? Well funny, this morning my search found THIS showing 6 murals, the titles and the artist. The only thing they don't show is the location lol (that would be a nice add don't you think?)...anyways, looking at the list I am upset that I didn't see 2 of the murals and also I noticed that there is an additional part of this one painted on the side of the building that we didn't see because we walked straight at it. Oh well! Linking with Monday Murals

Are you in this blizzards path? It missed us again :(

Friday, January 23, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No 29 - Lee-Jackson Day - Weekend Reflections

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The Giles County Courthouse that was featured earlier in the week.

From Wikipedia:
"Lee–Jackson Day is a holiday celebrated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the U.S., for the birthdays of Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson. The original holiday, created in 1889, celebrated Lee's birthday. Jackson's name was added to the holiday in 1904. In 1983, the holiday was merged with the new federal holiday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as Lee-Jackson-King Day in Virginia. This merger was reverted in 2000.

Lee–Jackson Day is currently observed on the Friday before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which is the third Monday in January. Typical events include a wreath laying ceremony with military honors, a Civil War themed parade, symposia and gala ball. State offices are closed for both holidays."

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Now time for some Willy-Nilly's:

1) Awwwww I think I would have to take THIS DOG to the park

2) 15 Historical Sites To See In 2015 ...surprised I have only seen 1 of these, Arlington House

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4) I love old photos...check out THIS ...a photographic history of the circus.

5) Supposed to get snow this afternoon through tomorrow...Not sure on accumulation...not sounding like much so far....I have to go grocery shopping and it will be a mad house. Mention snow and EVERYONE will be there buying their bread and milk in case we get snowed in for a's the craziest thing lol

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Signs, Signs & A Good Fence in Giles Co

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White Gate . Giles Co.
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And back to Pearisburg:
And back to the courthouse...looking across the street from the courthouse yard.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Giles County Courthouse

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Located on the corner of Wenonah Avenue and Main Street . Pearisburg

Built in 1836 and is still in regular use. Read about the history of Giles County HERE