Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Theme Day - School

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Greenfield Elementary School . 288 Etzler Rd . Troutville

This was taken at about 7 this morning...I volunteered to come in and get lunches ready for delivery to kids that need them in our county...just like every where else, our schools are closed...I think our last day was March 13 and about a week ago our governor announced that they won't reopen this school year...
We moved here in 2008... Braden and Dalton were starting 1st grade and this was their school through 5th grade!

On my way home this morning I decided to show you also the middle school and high school...

Read Mountain Middle School . 182 Orchard Hill Dr . Cloverdale

When we moved here Christian was starting 6th grade so this is where he went to school...and Braden and Dalton when they graduated 5th was raining so I had my window up to take a picture...rain drops are on my window...

Lord Botetourt High School . 1435 Roanoke Rd . Daleville

Again when we moved here Ashlyn was starting 9th grade so this is the school she went to...she graduated in 2012, and Christian graduated from here in 2015... Braden and Dalton are seniors here and graduating in May (Class of 2020) of now there is not a graduation ceremony scheduled...
I started working here part time when we moved has been nice working at the school that all my kids have gone to...I am also leaving this year...I always said I was going to leave once Braden and Dalton graduate...I just didn't think it would go by so quick!

To see schools from all over the world visit City Daily Photo

Stay healthy!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Vacancy @ the Bee Hotel

I purchased this little bee house recently at Lowe's and yesterday morning I noticed a visitor checking it out (can you see his little bee butt?!)! It is supposed to encourage bees to move in therefore more pollinating your flowers...I think I will pick up another one tomorrow while I work and put it in a different location...

In other news our governor put us on lockdown until June 10th... however we can still go outdoors and enjoy our trails and mountains as long as there aren't more than 10 people...we tend to seek out remote areas when we go out so that still shouldn't be a problem for us...I can still go to work and grocery stores are still open. Also, it's cold today...yuck!

Stay healthy friends!

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dogs on a Hike

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On Thursday Ashlyn went on a hike with my oldest son Christian and his girlfriend...she brought her dogs (my granddogs haha) along for the fun...the first picture is Riley and the second pic is Nelson whom she rescued last year...they are both good doggos!

So far here in Virginia we are still able to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Social distancing is easy to do here with so many trails and wide open spaces...I hope that we are able to continue that...there is something about the sunshine that is good for the soul!

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Have a great weekend and stay healthy!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Willy Nilly Friday 5/2020 #13

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So...I hope this finds everyone healthy! Scary and uncertain times right now isn't it? in Virginia it is 8:00 pm and beautiful out....I've been busy most of the day... doing some grocery out the freezer and refrigerator and it is time for Ozzy and I to sit on the front porch and enjoy this evening!
Right now...I'm sitting in one of those rockers with a nice glass of Chardonnay...Ozzy is on a long leash so he can enjoy the front yard but not run off! My neighbor came out and chatted with me from her porch...I think I will pick her up a plant while I work tomorrow!

Suntrust Bank . Roanoke

Earlier today I had to run to the bank...I always use the drive thru anyway but snapped a picture of this in the front...the new norm🙁

I saw this license plate today when I stopped to pick up a few things from Walmart earlier... Rhett and Scarlet...Gone With The that movie!

Wilson's Warehouse . Buchanan
Nick and I wandered around here one afternoon during the week...I wanted to see the Cherry Trees all in bloom. I posted about this location on is a very historical spot....see Tuesday's post for more info...

I took this picture of Braden and Dalton not too far into the 2019 football season... seniors...their last year...we had no idea how this would end.
The class of 2020 are missing so much right now...prom... graduation...but it seems so insignificant to those losing their lives 🙁

I just want things back to regular again....let us never take normal and boring for granted again.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Down on Main Street

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East Main Street . Bedford

Does anyone eat at Hardee's? They aren't really on my radar when I'm thinking I want a hamburger....being from the West Coast we had Carl's Jr...which are the same...I think...I used to like Carl's back in the 80s...maybe even 90s...I don't know what happened to them since!
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Today I'm thankful for my employer, Lowe's! I think I have told you that my oldest son Christian works there with me but yesterday they hired Braden and Dalton too! Braden and Dalton work as servers for Cracker Barrell but they have closed in the meantime and only doing to go orders so that leaves the boys without jobs for now...they went to Lowe's, along with a friend yesterday and were hired! Lowe's is considered essential in this time so we are working! I'm so happy to be working alongside with all my boys! Also thankful for our health and I hope you are all doing well too! Linking with Michelle's Thankful Thursday

(By the way this was taken earlier in the month... before spring really hit!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday's Treasures - Springtime @ Wilson Warehouse

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Wilson Warehouse . Buchanan

Completed in 1839 as a store/warehouse and private residence. Click Here for more info on the history of the warehouse and its current use.

I hope this finds you all healthy...we are here...the governor announced yesterday that schools will now be closed through the rest of the school year and closing of all non essential businesses. I can't wait until things turn back to normal.

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Stay healthy!