Monday, June 22, 2009

Bridgewater College

This morning the boys and I drove Ashlyn to Bridgewater College. She has a training seminar there this week for FCCLA. You might remember a couple months back when she successfully ran for a State Officer position. Anyways, it was a nice, scenic drive, about 90 miles from our house. The town of Bridgewater is fairly small and quaint with beautiful landscapes. She will be staying in a dorm room with a couple of other girls and an adviser. Dropping her off in her own dorm room gave me a slight glimpse into the too near future when I'll be dropping her off for college.

Bridgewater College was founded in 1880 as the first coed college in Virginia.


  1. I love the look of that building.

  2. beautiful setting and capture tanya. have not been to bridgewater as of yet :)
    have a lovely evening.

  3. Oh, yes they grow up much to fast. And before you know it they are gone.....

  4. This must be a bittersweet moment for you. I hope she has a wonderful time and comes home with a renewed appreciation for her family.

  5. It's an impressive building. I remember moving my daughter into her sorority house and how empty my house seemed afterwards. Of course it helped that she attended college at FSU which is located in Tallahassee!

  6. Where the hoo haa is Bridgewater College?

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  7. magnifique immeuble et architecture...j'aurais jamais pensé que c'était un collège...impressionnant
    splendid building and architecture I would never have thought that it was an impressive secondary school

  8. Thanks everyone and Di, Bridgewater is just straight up 81, easy peasy! Looks like you need a road trip, lots of photo ops along the way!

  9. What a nice building!

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