Monday, October 19, 2009

Lord Botetourt High School Homecoming Dance

Last weekend was Homecoming at Lord Botetourt. This is my baby Ashlyn and her boyfriend Austin before they headed out to the dance. Isn't she beautiful and doesn't he look dapper? :)

My camera broke. Evidentally hardwood floors and cameras don't mix. Braden and Dalton were making "movies" (yes, they are going to be the next Quentin Tarrantino's!) and my camera fell off its tripod. It is beyond repair, won't focus, just really messed up. I thought, no big deal, Ashlyn has one, same make/model as mine, that she NEVER uses, maybe has used a handful of times. I'll just use that in the meantime, wrong. Her's just beeps 3 times then shuts itself off. The batteries are charged, I don't know what's wrong with the thing. That being said, they are Samsung cameras and you know how much I dislike their customer service, or lack-there-of...I've never even been happy with the quality of pictures, so needless to say my next camera will not be a Samsung.

So, what point and shoot do you recommend? I had a Canon, I think it was a Sure Shot, that I loved (another one bites the dust due to Braden and Dalton a few years back) and this camera could not take a bad picture, and believe me, my photo abilities are not all that great and this Canon took awesome shots, always!

So I'm in the market for a new camera...oh and if any camera companies stumble upon this and have a camera you insist on letting me use and write up a gushy review with my photos, I'm open to that option too ;)

Luckily for me, I have a big stock pile of photos to use...back to blogging!

Hope everyone is well!


  1. your daughter is a cutie :P
    i've two cameras and like both very much:

    canon power shot SD800IS

    Nikon D60 with four lenses

    The canon has awesome features for a tiny camera and a lot of settings to capture that perfect shot.

  2. Lovely to see you here this morning. I've missed you!

    I use all Canon products. My little camera is a Canon SD450 (which they no longer make) and it still takes great pics AND movies. I always recommend Canon. David's daughter has a Canon that I love too. Not sure they still make it but you can find it on Ebay quite often. It's a Canon880is. Takes awesome video! Kind of pricey for a point and shoot but will last for years as long as it doesn't take a dive off a tripod. LOL... Most of the little Canons do a great job.


  3. I was wondering where you'd gone! I use a tiny Canon Ixus (I think they're branded as PowerShot over there) and I love it. The image quality's fantastic and it has so many features, it's not fair to call it a point-and-shoot (I always use the manual settings). But I choose the brand over Nikon because of their customer service over here. You really have to take that into consideration. Good luck with choosing and getting a new camera!

    And your daughter is gorgeous, Tanya! Her boyfriend's cute too, but just between you and me, I'm itching to give him a cooler haircut. ;)

  4. P.S. Check for cameras too!

  5. Tanya, so good to see you back. Those boys are hard on cameras. I bet they are hard on other things too. Haha. I have missed seeing their smiles. Great smiles just run in the family. Ashlyn looks radiant. I hope it was a wonderful evening for her.

  6. Great shot of your daughter; she's not a little girl anymore, eh?

    I use a Canon Powershot for my point and shoot as well as a Nikon Coolpix; I use a Nikon D40 for my DSLR. I highly recommend either Canon or Nikon. And nobody paid me anything at all to say this!

  7. I use a Sony Cyber Shot and I like it. I used to use a Kodak Easy Share but the battery compartment door broke and I used that as an excuse to buy another camera. I love this shot of Ashlyn. They look so cute together!

  8. Tanya! Nice to have you back :)

    They make alovely couple and both look very happy. Ahh, to be young and in love...

    I use a Sony camera which I am very pleased with apart from the fact photos look fantastic on the little LCD screen but when I put them onto the laptop some are blurred. Not the cameras fault they are blurred but the screen is an irritation.

    I hear that the Panasonic Lumix cameras are mean't to be very good. I was tempted by one of these but went for the Sony as it was a bit 'meater'. Anyway, have fun choosing :)

  9. Very nice picture! I really like her dress too.

    I have a Nikon camera that I'm really happy with. It's an S710. But I think all Nikon cameras are pretty good. I will say that their menus are not as user-friendly as the camera I used before, but it does take nice pictures.

    I also suggest browsing Amazon and reading the customer reviews. I find them helpful for stuff like cameras b/c people tend to be very honest.

    Good luck!


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