Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Opie Taylor?

I think Braden makes a good Opie!


  1. Perfect!! He does!!! Love it :)

  2. And he could even play him on TV, because he has a twin to prevent any troubles with child labor restrictions!

  3. Oh,my goodness...he does. Bud knows every one of those shows by heart...I kid you not! We continue to watch them on Channel 7 every night. This shot is one to save to give him at his rehearsal dinner before his marriage. I did some of that,and my kids got a big kick out of it. Hey...snow flakes are flying through the air as I am typing.

  4. thanks debbie and eg!

    ha mary, i've been waiting for them to do the re-make!

    genie, i'm sure you have been to mayberry right? we've been wanting to go, one of these days! snow?! we don't have anything right now, but the air is cold? are you supposed to get an accumulation? i don't think we are, and you aren't too far! and yes, we do need to meet up one of these days!!

  5. He makes a PERFECT Opie Taylor!!


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