Monday, May 16, 2011

Olde Mill Primitives

On Saturday I had to drive out to Bedford. Ashlyn was going to Staunton River's prom with her boyfriend. I have driven by this shop many times and always wanted to stop but always seemed to be too busy. This time though the boys and I had a few hours to kill so this was the perfect way to do so. Even Braden and Dalton were happy to stop and look inside as I have trained them well since they were little, before they started school. When we lived in Georgia, we had a few great antique stores near us that were HUGE and would take hours to walk around and see everything. We'd wait till Ashlyn and Christian went to school then the boys and I would spend the mornings wandering through these fun shops! Anyways, back to this one....when we entered we were immediately greeted by a couple who were as nice as could be, anxious to help us out and tell us about the shop and offered the boys cookies. They have a counter which you can help yourself to donuts (which were already gone this late in the day and we were told you need to be there early for those!) coffee, tea and hot chocolate. This store just oozes with hospitality! Oh, and I mentioned that I had Ozzy out in the car (don't worry, it was a cool day!) and the man in the shop pulled out a jar of dog biscuits for me to take to Ozzy and told me to bring him in with me next time that a lot of customers even shop with their dogs! They really think of everything!

Olde Mill Primitives is housed in an old 1930's feed and seed mill, which makes it even more fun for looking around. I can't wait to get back over there and look around some more!


  1. «Louis» would enjoy visiting this shop!

  2. A neat looking place. And sounds like it's run by some great people. Will try to stop by next time I am in Roanke.


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