Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Taphophile Tragics - Preston

Elizabeth Patton Preston
Greenfield, Botetourt County
Let me see if I can get this correct. She was married to John Preston and their son Col. William Preston owned a large plantation here at Greenfield. I believe I read 2100+ acres. I *think* she came here to live with her son and his family after her husband died. She died here.

Her eternal view. I live somewhere over to the right of the photo. I've told you before I come over here to walk, great trail system. If you look straight out, on that hill in the middle, there is a slave cabin and an old kitchen. The big house burnt down, I'm pretty sure in the 1970's. I've shown you pictures before but you can view some here and read more about the Prestons of Greenfield.

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