Saturday, May 24, 2008

After The Rain

Last night we got a good rain. Nothing severe, but enough to water the trees, grass and wash the pollen away!
This morning I took a little walk through the wooded part of our yard. Our backyard used to look like this, not all of it, but most of it. The boys loved it. They cut trails through it and spent hours playing Marine Corps (my husband is a former Marine so they don't play Army,lol). We cleared alot of the woods out to fence a portion of the backyard in but wanted to keep some woods. And this photo is a portion of the woods we kept.
Taking a walk through there this morning was like, what I imagine, walking through the rain forest would be. There were birds singing, water drops falling from the trees, and it's already feeling humid out. It looks like we are in for a beautiful day!
Braden and Dalton have a baseball game today. Only 2 left of the season before their tournament. Their team, The Jayhawks, are undefeated so far! Keep your fingers crossed that they win the next 2 and we'll have a perfect season. Their team last year, The Hurricanes, were undefeated as well!
It's Memorial Weekend here in the US, which means we honor those who have lost their lives fighting for our country.
There will be alot of travel, backyard bbq's, and alot of police on the roads, so don't drink and drive!
What fun plans do you have this weekend?


  1. With a name like Jayhawk, they're bound to win! (I went to Kansas University - home of the Jayhawks. OF COURSE they'll win!)
    When I was growing up, we spent each Sunday of Memorial Day weekend visiting the family graves and putting peonies on them. I'm now half of the US away from there, so no more! BUT we'll be with family here so it's going to be a good weekend.

  2. What a beautiful morning! I love the sunlight in this photo!

  3. When I saw the pic, I thought rain forest. Hope your boys team wins it all. Plans for the weekend include staying around the house doing odd jobs. Maybe grill out on Sunday or Monday. Have a great day.

  4. Such a peacful image youv'e captured after the rain. An interesting post to read too about memorial week.

  5. Serene and peaceful! You must have enjoyed that stroll this morning!

    You asked "Louis" at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo "how do you leave your balcony?" "Louis" replies: it is difficult - at almost any moment, there is a new photo opportunity because of the ever-changing moods of the Bay!

  6. Lovely shot in your woods (how lucky are you to have this?) Hope your boys continue there winning streak!

  7. Beautiful picture, and lovely sentiment. I hope the games go well. How exciting to have an undefeated season (or even the possibility!) We have never been in that position!

    We'll be spending the weekend catching up with outdoor chores, buying out Lowe's, marching in the largest Memorial Day parade in the state, and hopefully, just hanging out together.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  8. You're so lucky to have the woods to enjoy every day. Good luck with the game!

  9. It's nice to have some woods in your own backyard!

  10. I enjoy walking in the woods too.
    My 4 year old grandson is on a tee ball team this season. We are loving it. This coming Tuesday will be his last game.

    I have been to Monroe, GA. before. I live in Haralson County. It is straight out I-20 just before the Alabama line.

  11. i like the light after the rain

  12. What a lovely photo. Rain brings something beautiful with it.

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