Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Party

Well the Christmas Party in Braden and Dalton's 1st grade class was a huge success! Braden and Dalton took goodie bags to pass out filled with a special Christmas pencil, candy canes and hot chocolate packets. They brought home some really cute snowman ornaments that they made at school.

In the photo above, the kids are playing the last game of the party. The room mom is playing music and the kids pass a present around. When the music stops, the child holding the present gets to open it and it had something special for the classroom. Dalton "won" and got the last present that was passed around, which was full of chocolates to pass out. It was also pajama day which meant the kids could wear their jammies to school. Braden and Dalton did not participate with that as they think they are "too cool" to wear jammies to school. One of the problems from having an older brother, they grow up too fast!

After the Christmas party the boys and I went and did a little more Christmas shopping. I had to get Ashlyn's shopping done which I *think* I'm about done now. I just have to get one more thing for Christian, something for Nick (I did get him that cookbook from the Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins show) but I need a couple of other things for him, and just a few little things for the kids, oh and our traditional Christmas jammies...need to get those still. Oh, also need to haul the kids to the mall on Monday to let them spend their Christmas money from Grandma.

Are you ready for Christmas?


And now I am asking for your help:

I just visited Woody's Blog where he has posted about a little girl who is deathly ill and only wishes to receive Christmas cards for Christmas. I am going to copy and paste the story from Woody's blog and hope you will grant her this one wish for Christmas.

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to get this out to the blogger community for your assistance.

First, click here;
or copy and paste into your webbrowser.

Basically, this is the story of a little girl who is only 4 that has a rare and agressive form of a brain tumor. Unfortunatley, there is nothing else that can be done and she has been only given weeks to live.

The only thing she wants for christmas is cards so she can read them.

Tonight, multiple fire,ems and police agencies are meeting at a local hospital(large parking area) with apparatus and then are proceeding to a local school to meet her and her family and to give her cards that all the agencies have collected so far.

If you want to make her christmas a little brighter, her address is in the article and I am sure she would love to get more cards from people.

I know this time of year can be a little stressfull for people and people don't like how the economy is doing, they don't like there jobs, they can't stand the inlaws..etc..

But you know what, when you look at this little girl and what she has had to go through in just a short time being on this earth, life really is not all that bad is it??

Thanks for your help..



  1. This is such a sweet photo!
    I find really funny the fact your twins didn't want to partifipate on the pajama party as they think they are too cool to do that! That's really cool indeed! :-)))

  2. And this sweet scene was being played out in schools all over the country. We didn't have pajama day when my kids were in school but I know they wouldn't have wanted to wear pajamas to school either. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Not even close to being ready for Christmas. Its not Christmas Eve yet.

  4. Thanks JM, those little boys crack me up :)

    Thanks Jarart :)

    Haha Jim, you're one of those huh, shopping on Christmas Eve! :)

  5. It sounds like a really nice school party. I know they all had a great time.
    I am just about ready for Christmas. I need to be making my traditional choc. peanut butter ball candy right now, though.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

  6. The boys' school must be warmer than mine was, we would have froze in our pjs!

    I have almost all my shopping done, but I get very excited about holiday gifts and begin shopping in July. (I procrastinate everywhere else in my life, tho!)

    Traveling to AZ to visit my family tomorrow, then back to San Marcos on Christmas Day. I remember your husband's RV lot! I did the opposite commute for a spell, San Marcos to the Grossmont area.

  7. I'm sooooooo not ready for Christmas. In fact, I'm going into my annual holiday panic!

  8. If you have the same amount of snow we have here the boys must be having a blast!!! Nice way of starting the vacations!!

  9. In French, we'd say they are "sages comme des images", which could be translated in "quiet like a picture"!

  10. What a sad story, Tanya.....

    These little children seem to be so good. I guess Santa Claus is going to reward them for being that good.

  11. Oh, I see a couple of little girls chose to wear their jammies to the party. How fun is that!

  12. I always enjoyed those class parties. Sounds like you have got Christmas in the bag! Have a merry one.

  13. Love the Christmas party picture and story.

    I live near La Mesa, actually between Allied Gardens and San Carlos just north of Del Cerro.

    Old La Mesa is fantastic. We go often. It's half way between us and our daughters church. And I'll wave to your family next time we drive into El Cajon. :-)

    Merry Christmas from America's finish city.

  14. Looks like a happy day awaiting for the festive season!

  15. Kids are adorable ever. Then I love "to read" Christmas feeling and expectation in their eyes :-)

  16. Seeing you chronicle your little ones brings back so many memories of my grown guy when he was small. It's such a special time.

    Also, Christmas is such a complicated time of the year, so much to give, so much to receive, and so many needs. I hope Hannah and her family find some happiness.

  17. They are soooooo cute! So glad the party was a success. I think my son did wear PJ's one year in elementary school. Crazy hat days have a more lasting appeal.
    It's so nice of you to share Hannah's story...what a trial that family's had!

  18. Looks and sounds like they all had a good time. Good luck with your Christmas frenzy.

  19. Looked like a fun party for the boys at school.
    I hope there are some responses for the little girl. - Dave

  20. What a sweet photo and those children are really well behaved.

    Ready for Christmas? I'm never ready, not even on Christmas Day..


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