Saturday, May 9, 2009

Battle Of Buchanan I

My first in the Battle of Buchanan photo series.

During the Civil War Buchanan served as an important Confederate supply depot for shipment of agricultural produce and pig iron to Richmond via the James River and Kanawha Canal. Federal General David Hunter marched through Pattonsburg and Buchanan on June 13, 1864 on his ill-fated raid of Lynchburg. After the Civil War commerce and manufacturing declined in Buchanan and Pattonsburg.

We had a great time, it was hotter than heck and when I would think of how hot it was, I would think about the real soldiers who actually had to endure the heat and freezing cold during the war, then that put me back in my place,lol.

The location of the reenactment is the exact location of the original battle.

Nick has several ancestors who fought in the Civil War. He had 2 great, great grandfathers who did, one was a Federal Soldier and the other a Confederate, and their children married. One of them (the Union Soldier, Watson Clark Breese) was shot in the neck with a musket ball and survived but always spoke in a whisper after. We have pictures of them in their uniforms.

For another glimpse of the reenactment, visit Erin at The Good Life in Virginia
She was also there and I love the tones she used in her photos, makes them look so authentic!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, don't forget to call your moms!


  1. Very interesting. There are several annual Civil War reenactments here near Salem, though there aren't any ties to the Civil War historically. I chuckle whenever I hear about the reenactment in Warrenton, with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.

  2. LOL that is kinda funny when you think of the Pacific as the backdrop :D

  3. Great photo, Tanya. They really look hot. You've caught that beautifully, with true understatement. And your story about taking a bullet in the neck and speaking in a whisper is fascinating, as is the reuniting of opposing sides through marriage.

  4. Hi - found your blog through Blue Country Magic's post about the bloggers meeting. I've been following her and Diane's blogs for a while and look forward to looking at yours more! =) The Civil War post caught my eye.

  5. I find these events lots of fun and a great way to learn about the local history

  6. How interesting Tanya! The heat has been bad here too and we really need some rain.

  7. I love the way these reenactments are so authentic.


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