Monday, May 18, 2009

Ransone's Fountain

After the reenactment, we stepped inside of Ransone's Drug Store/Fountain which is an old timey soda fountain. We sat up at the counter and ordered hot dogs, hamburgers and cokes. It was a bit disappointing though that our cokes were just out of a can, but they hit the spot since we were so hot and thirsty. I wonder why they don't serve fountain cokes though.

If you would like to read more about "The Fountain" just click on the title and it will direct you to the website.


  1. What a beautiful family you have, Tanya, and what a great setting! They really do look hot. I love the old-fashioned soda fountain. I, too, would have been disappointed when they served the coke in a can.

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  3. There is a fountain right there in the pic. I guess as long as its cold.

  4. hey ms tanya...wondered that myself...and also noticed they were very pricey :)
    have a great day.


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