Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lunch Request

Last night around dinner time Dalton brought me a can of tuna and wanted me to make him a sandwich. I told him no since dinner was cooking. He got upset and said he really wanted a tuna sandwich since I haven't made one since 2008 (don't think that's correct but ok,lol). So this morning I noticed he wrote his lunch order on the chalk board in the kitchen along with Braden's request for a pb&j...guess I know what's for lunch today!


  1. I would pick the PB&J. He probably has changed his story to 2006 by this morning.

  2. Nothing like planning ahead! The tuna sounds good to me.

  3. Did he eat his dinner? I know what it's like to crave a good tuna sandwich. Sometimes nothing else will do. Do you make yours with dill pickle relish?

  4. As a mother it's always so helpful to receive explicit instructions from our children. He obviously did not want you to forget now did he? *giggles.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  5. I know how it is when you want something special even if is a sandwich. I recently got a hankering for tacos and ran out to the store and bought enough fixins for a week. It had been ages since we had tacos.

    We made veggie tacos with fake meat (the only meat we have eaten in 30 years has been seafood and soy based products) and that is what we craved for dinner every night for a week. We ate so many tacos over several nights, it might years before we want another.

    They sure were good, though.

  6. Lol! Your boys are so funny! Now get that lunch order ready ;)

    Ps - whats a PB&J?

  7. Funny! I wouldn't think tuna salad appeals much to kids, but if they like it!

  8. Brattcatt, I like mine just plain with a little mayo!

    Marley, pb&j is peanut butter and jelly :)


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