Monday, April 5, 2010

Kids Recipes

A few weeks back we had a crab boil. We all love this, the kids and us both! It is so easy and fun and one of the best parts is the easy cleanup (notice how we use only newspapers instead of plates/silverware?) We usually do this outside but the rain came in so we had to move the party indoors. You can really use anything you like in the boil, we use crab legs, shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. Line your picnic table with newspaper and when your boil is finished, just dump the basket in the middle and everyone digs in! We have used crawfish in the past instead of shrimp but the kids are not big fans of crawfish and besides, we couldn't find any in the Roanoke area.
This is easily a summer family favorite that the kids request a lot! If you want to have your own boil, there are several recipes online if you do a google search.

I am always looking for fun and healthy foods that the kids will enjoy. What are some of your family favorites for the summer time?

We also do a lot of wraps, chicken mainly. Like yesterday for example, we went on a little road trip (pictures to follow this week of course lol) to a nearby creek. We stopped at Kroger and picked up a couple of rotisserie chickens (the twins alone eat a lot of chicken!)and brought some flour tortillas, cheese and fresh spinach and made chicken wraps when we got there for lunch. They were so light and yummy, great warm weather food! Avocados and tomatoes (although a really high price right now, need to grow out own!) and sprouts would have been a great addition! My kids actually like wraps better than sandwiches!

kids recipes


  1. This looks soooo good and I am going to suggest to the Hubster that we do this sometime this summer. Looks like fun for everyone... a real kid's kinda meal that they can sift through and pull out whatever they love the most.


  2. What a role model kind of photography. Thank you for sharing.

    Please have a wonderful Tuesday you all.

  3. I guess it's good, but especially, it looks like fun!

  4. Looks good, my uncle used to have crab boils every year when we would visit New Orleans, but I think his may have been crawdads....its been a while.

  5. E-mail 'ol «Louis» one o'dem wraps, willya!
    You made him hungry!


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