Wednesday, September 8, 2010

American Porch Culture

I was reading recently about the differences between American homes and English homes and it was the front porch, or lack thereof on English architecture. The front porch was essential in early American homes, before air conditioning.

The story said that front porch culture isn't what it once was, with homes having air conditioning and other distractions to draw us inside the house. I'm happy that here in the south, the front porch is still alive and well!

Anyone want to join me for an ice cold glass of lemonade and swap stories on the porch for a while?

(this great old porch can be found at the Johnson Farm, Peaks of Otter)


  1. When my wife and I built our house we also built a large wrap around thing we did. It's like having another room on the house. We live at the base of the
    Massanutten Mountain and always get a cool breeze from the mountain in the evenings to cool thing down while we sit on the porch.

  2. oh how nice Joe! I want my next house to have a wrap around porch, love those!

  3. I have noticed that a lot of people in my neighborhood sit in their garages. I guess that's sort of porch culture, although I prefer sitting on my patio and watching the birds to watching cars drive by.

  4. The very essence of America indeed. With temperatures about 90F during midday and above 70F during the night, indeed alluring a sight. Please have a good Thursday.

    daily athens

  5. This is, in fact, such a typical scene I've seen in american movies. Cool, Tanya!


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