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Appomattox Confederate Cemetery

Appomattox Confederate Cemetery is located in park on Rt.24

This little cemetery contains the graves of 19 soldiers (18 Confederates and 1 Union) who were killed in the last days of fighting at Appomattox Station and Appomattox Court House. On May 18, 1866 a Ladies Association was formed to insure proper internment for soldiers who had not had proper burials. The land for this little cemetery was donated by Mr. John Sear, and the land clearing began. Most of the wood for the coffins was donated and men from the town of Appomattox constructed them and dug the graves.

The Ladies Association later developed into the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The Appomattox United Daughters of the Confederacy was chartered on August 22, 1895 with 22 members and was the 11th chapter in the nation. The Appomattox United Daughters of the Confederacy has owned and maintain this cemetery since that time. In April (usually on Sunday closest to April 9) of every year a Memorial Service is held at this cemetery to honor these soldiers and all soldiers who have fought for their country and the causes they believe in. The public is always invited!

Listed by grave number - 18 Confederates and 1 Union Soldier

# 1 Captain Miles C. Macon, Dayette Artillery, Virginia

# 2 Sergeant C.F. Demome, Donaldsonville Artillery, Louisiana

# 3 Private A.R. Hicks, Co. D, 26th Virginia Regiment

# 4 Private J.E. Hutchens, Co. A, 5th Alabama Battalion

# 5 Private J.W. Douglas, found near Conner's old house, under a mulberry tree.

# 6 Private J.W. Ashby, 2nd Virginia Cavalry

# 7 Private F.M. Winn, Battery E. 9, Georgia Regiment

# 8 Private J.A. Hogan, Co. E, 26th Georgia Regiment

# 9 Name unknown, found in the woods back of Mrs. E.S. Robertson's.

# 10 Name unknown, found under a large cherry tree, 50 yards from Conner's old house on Oakville Road.

# 11 Name unknown, found near Samuel H. Coleman's.

# 12 Name Unknown, found in Pryor Wright's field.

# 13 Name unknown, found under a large cherry tree, 50 yards from Conner's old house on Oakville Road.

# 14 Name unknown, found in Mr. Jack Sears' field and near Pryor Wright's field.

# 15 Name unknown, from South Carolina, found near Captain Hix's ice pond.

# 16 Name unknown, found near Appomattox Depot near the cabin.

# 17 Name unknown, found near the Appomattox Depot on Main Road.

# 18 Name unknown, found in the woods on Liberty Road near the ford to Willis Inges.

# 19 Union Soldier, Name unknown.

For more information Appomattox Chapter Daughters of the Confederacy


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