Monday, January 17, 2011

Andy Layne Trail

On Saturday with the weather feeling a little warmer, we went on a GeoCache hunt in Catawba. Our starting point was the Andy Layne Trail. This was a fun hike although can get a bit treacherous if you make it out to Tinker Cliffs and Scorched Earth Gap, which I'd like to go back and get to those points before the weather turns hot. The trail intersects into the Appalachian Trail.

This picture is the beginning of the trail. You have to climb over the barbed wire by taking this little ladder. There are a few of them scattered along the trail, along with some neat bridges for crossing Catawba Creek.


  1. Sounds challenging, especially crossing the barbed wire. Looks warmer than here, however!

  2. It should have been a nice walk.

  3. My daughter and her hubby used to do that quite often until the kids started coming into their life. Too hard to take 4 of them when 2 are under the age of 3. Just doesn't seem to be as much fun for them right now as it used to be for some reason.. LOL


  4. hmmm...
    Take some photos and enter them on Sunday Bridges!

  5. Looks like a great place to let the kids run off some energy!

  6. les garçons sont de grands sportifs


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