Friday, July 22, 2011

SkyWatch Friday

Last Friday we drove to Richmond to pick Ashlyn up from the airport. We left a little early so we would have time to take a quick tour of Richmond. Richmond is chock-full of history and one of those cities on our list to check out. Once we got there, we drove around to see some of the sites from our car, then parked and walked downtown in search of some good eats! We ended up here, at the Tobacco Company. It looked like a cool place to go and the cigarette girl standing out front kind of cinched our decision, this looked like a cool spot!

The Tobacco Company is an old abandoned tobacco warehouse that fortunately was restored into this super hip restaurant. They have furnished it with some great old antiques and there is even an old brass elevator that actually works.

We ordered drinks and took a peek at the menu. Having the 3 boys with us, we noticed nothing on the menu that they would eat, in fact, after they looked at the menu, all 3 of them piped up with "I'll have a salad" we finished our drinks, soaked up the atmosphere and then headed down the street to City Dogs, a little hot dog joint that was sure to please 3 boys!

Anyways, I just loved this place and lookie there, you can see the sky from inside the restaurant! To see skies from all over the world, visit SKYLEY!

Happy skywatching!

And by the way, how hot is it in your neck of the woods? I know most of the US is experiencing a major heat wave, us included. Today it's supposed to hit 98 with a heat index of 105. It's already toasty out this morning, 82 but feels like 88. Stay inside and keep cool if possible!!


  1. The Tobacco Company is my favorite spot in Richmond. Gene - the 40 year old - and his wife and 6 year old Eloise live there so we are always going over there to visit. Glad you had such a good time + the airport is the easiest one to get in and out of...we always try to fly from there. Have been inundated with multiple grandchildren of all different ages for over 3 weeks now so am FINALLY getting back to the old computer. Hope you are not dying from the heat. I have been sitting i our creek because we do not have AC in this old farmhouse. I am ready for the weather to change. Genie

  2. Your boys sound like typical boys. :) Richmond sounds like a neat town to explore.

  3. Great sky shot with a really neat perspective. Stay cool.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  4. Like the new look on your blog

  5. Richmond, VA is another place that I'd like to see someday. Your right about that City having so much History to it. Maybe someday.

    Weather up here is just terrible! I think that we hit 105 degrees yesterday! It's just to darn hot right now to do much of anything. I'm hoping that the weather will cool off soon!

  6. Hi Tanya, I agree it has been along time since we visited each other. I haven't played SkyWatch Friday this time around, I have been doing the ABC Wednesday meme each week. My main blog is now My Reading Corner, since I love to read I play around on it a few days each week.

    Your SkyWatch picture is a good one. And I understand having 3 boys not finding anything on the menu. That is one of the things I like about being retired, we NOW can eat anywhere we want to and "I'm lovin' it" ; )

    Thanks for visiting me today, it was good hearing from you. We will have to do this more often,

    Gigi Ann aka Gramma Ann ; )


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