Monday, April 18, 2016

Through My Lens - A Protest @ Duke University

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Last Saturday while in Durham we went to Duke University to see the Chapel...we stumbled upon a protest...

I think all the protestors were inside the tents as it was very cold/windy this day...there's the chapel in the background...

Found an article online that this protest is about an "alleged felony hit-and-run" that took place 2 years ago can read about it HERE

I will show you around the chapel tomorrow!

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  1. Not a very good idea to protest in such cold weather.

  2. Nothing better than a good old '60s style protest.

  3. So it was a very "cool" protest, I take it. Nothing like a little cold and windy weather to take the edge off things. :-)

  4. Thanks for the article link- there'll be hell to pay before it's over for the university.

  5. Interesting way to protest. I'm looking forward to seeing the chapel.

  6. Looks more like a camp-out. I'm glad it wasn't a protest about something more stupid!


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