Monday, January 23, 2017

Foggy Day on the Parkway

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On Saturday afternoon the boys wanted me to drop them off at the park so they could play basketball and I wanted to go take some pictures so I jumped on the Blue Ridge Parkway and thought I'd snap some pics of the views from the overlooks...I decided to head north on the parkway and this was my first stop...a little fog...not too I pulled out and climbed up the mountain a little more for the next overlook...
I got a little nervous driving to this overlook as I drove right into some thick fog and could barely see but then it became I thought it would be ok to head up a little further to the next overlook...
It was super, SUPER foggy on this stretch so I decided not to chance going any further and headed back down the mountain...
Closer to home of the pretty bridges that are all along the parkway...Linking with Mersad's Through My Lens


  1. The forest in the fog looks great in your photos. Just be careful driving in low visibility.

  2. looks as though I'm not the only one in the fog!

  3. Scary to drive in! Love that first scenic view!

  4. I would be peeing my pants. You are BRAVE! I am so scared of the mountain fog! Even with the fog lights. In fact, we have an appointment at U.V.A. today, and I think I will cancel. I recognize that bridge!!

  5. Loved learning about the Great Valley...a fascinating part of our history I had missed. Speaking of "mist" got some great foggy photos, and we can wait to see more of the Valley on a clear day, right? :-)

    I never could link in to the meme. I also am having issues opening blogs still. I don't know what to do about all of this!

  6. Those are beautiful! I love the Parkway and photographing fog!

  7. I would have come back down that mountain, too!

  8. The fog makes for some atmospheric photos! Beautiful!

  9. I love these photos! It's really pretty where you live.



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