Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Doggie Fountain

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Wasena Park . Roanoke

Notice anything different about the fountain? There's 3 parts, one for little people, one for big people and one for our furry friends...ignore the weirdo...he kept following us around ;)

Today I am thankful for animal lovers like myself! Yesterday morning on the way home after taking the boys to school, I was driving down a country road, 2 lanes, 1 in each direction...I noticed the oncoming car had stopped, then I noticed a deer had just ran across the road and on the other side a young deer was still trying to decide if it should cross, it would start, then turn around and run a few steps in the other direction until finally it gained the courage to catch up with its momma...we both sat there patiently watching and waiting and then drove on, smiled at each other and waved...that pretty much made my day!

Linking up with Thankful Thursday with Michelle...have a great day :)


  1. In summer its great to see stores leave water bowls out for our canine friends.
    That was a heart warming story and you are both to be commended for your patience!

  2. Hello, lovely story about the young deer. I would be smiling too. The fountain is great for everyone. Happy Thankful Thursday! Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  3. I'm seeing more watering holes for our various pets these days which is a good thing...sometimes they get forgotten in the rush of our lives. This is a nice fountain if for no other reason than it provides liquid nourishment for the wee animals.

    The weirdo? I'm not going to say anything in case he's related to you, but he looks harmless. Sort of.

    1. haha that's my husband...pretty harmless as long as he's fed :)

  4. What... no fountain for your weirdo husband? :)

  5. Love it ~ what a treat for the animals ~ I am an animal lover myself ~ thanks ~

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  6. This is such a sweet story! I have NEVER seen a fountain like this!! It is so cool! And really so low that the squirrels can have a drink too! The weirdo makes the picture more interesting for sure. Gosh, he looks SO happy to be in your picture! So funny, and he is dressed much better than most weirdos!! What a cute post today, it is giving me a huge smile!

  7. I love the water for the neat! Fun photo! Hugs, Diane

  8. PS It's hard to ignore that cute weirdo...did he follow you home? heehee!

  9. I am so glad the little deer made it across the road. Something like that would happen around here. Thanks for linking up today!

  10. How fun to see the doggie fountain! There are a couple in my area, too, and it make me smile to see them.

  11. Thank you for the terrific story . . . you've made my heart happy.

  12. Nifty fountain. And often their is a buck hiding in the shadows at those deer crossing.


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