Friday, October 16, 2020

Dinwiddie & Son


Old Moneta

Hi again! Ugh, this new format (new to me) is taking some getting used to! Anyways, remember last time I posted I was telling you about this little abandoned place where some of the movie "What About Bob" had been filmed? To be honest I couldn't care less where the movie was filmed...I  saw it way back when it came out and thought it was funny and all...had no idea it had been filmed here, but then I lived way out in California when that happened haha...anyways, you know how I just love old, abandoned things so it only makes sense that I belong to a group called "Abondoned Virginia" on Facebook and that is where I first saw posts of this place, and learned about the filming of the, this building was spruced up and became the "bus depot" in the movie...

In real life though, which I'm more interested in this old place's history and the stories it could tell...I wasn't able to find out much, only that this building started out as Dinwiddie & Son.

This was once a thriving little village until the road was rerouted...

"It was the railroad, the same thing that helped the little town prosper, that killed the Moneta that was. Trains held up traffic longer than Virginia law allowed so the state rerouted Virginia 122 and closed the railroad crossing in 2000. The shops on Old Moneta Road soon closed and fell to ruin."

Quote found HERE

I'll show you more on Monday :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I didn't know any of this. I love this Facebook group! Glad to see you back!

  2. I´ll sure be back on Monday! Did you sneak inside? I love such places!

  3. Interesting! There's a railroad crossing near Front Royal where people sometimes have to wait over 20 minutes because train traffic backs up at the "Inland Port." It's a truck/train transfer point. There are plans to build an overpass but that is years away.

  4. Road changes and railroad changes very often change up communities, usually inadvertently, I suppose. But by now we should know how it affects people when things change.


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