Monday, December 14, 2009

Buchanan Christmas Parade I

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Buchanan Christmas Parade. We missed Fincastle's parade which was last weekend when the weather was so yucky. It was cold Saturday, but at least it was dry. Ashlyn is missing in this picture, she went to the mall with a friend to do some Christmas shopping.

We watched Four Christmases last night, really funny!


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  2. belle photo de famille, on attend la suite de la parade

  3. Great family shot.

    I saw 4 christmases on the plane back from NY. I didn't really like it. Maybe because it was March!

  4. I missed all the parades this year.

  5. Of much interest to read, as there are no such things over here in Greece, neither were back home in Germany.

    Please have a nice Tuesday you all.

  6. Ashlyn knows what fun. Not standing in the cold, not cool.


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