Friday, December 18, 2009

Buchanan Christmas Parade V

Daughters of the Confederacy, Buchanan Chapter.

We are expecting a huge winter storm today. Snow over a foot, possibly 18 inches is predicted. A lot of schools in the area are closing early, still waiting to see what our schools are going to do.


  1. Reflecting an epoche nearly forgotten, yet probably better in many respectives as nowadays one.
    Please have a wonderful weekend. Years since last I saw snow with me own eyes - so please enjoy it yourself.

  2. I love all the parade photos. They are calling for a rain snow mix here with maybe an inch tomorrow..I think Williamsburg might get a little more and north of that closer to Richmond is going to get some...enjoy your weekend

  3. Be careful on the road, Tanya. I love those big green hoop skirts.

  4. Sounds like your winter is getting serious Tanya. Take care! - Dave

  5. Fantastic costumes! Looks perfect for the kind of weather you have too. Stay warm, Tanya.

  6. How is it there in Roanoke so far? I've been watching The Weather Channel & one of the meteorologists is in Roanoke showing parts of the city & all that snow you guys are getting & I thought of you. Hope you & your family are safe! Be careful

  7. What "Global Warming"?!

    Where's the Confederate Flag?


    (Editor to «Louis»: It isn't Politically Correct to display the Confederate flag, you oaf!

    «Louis» to Editor: We are going to PC ourselves to death.)


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