Friday, March 4, 2011

SkyWatch Friday

Bits of a greying sky through the branches of a very tall Tulip Poplar planted by George Washington in 1785. Mt. Vernon

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Happy Skywatching!


  1. That is one old tree. Nice to have a date to know how long it has been admired.

  2. What a grand old tree, and such an important part of our nation's history!


    Which sky for you?
    One that is blue?
    Or do you prefer
    A sky that’s demure?

    A sky in grey
    Is soft, they say,
    And not everyone
    Likes the blinding sun.

    Perhaps a sky
    Through which geese fly
    To winter havens
    Away from ravens?

    A rain-swept sky
    That seems to cry?
    O quickly choose one
    Before day is done!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Cloud Maiden

  3. Is it still alive? It is really impressive. Happy Weekend to you too :-)

  4. wow! really..that tree is a treasure....:) Glad to be here. Hope you can check out my ENTRY too!

  5. Now that's an extraordinary tree!

  6. And here I thought Washington only planted cherry trees!

  7. This series keeps getting better and better. I’m loving it. Your shot of the tree is drop dead gorgeous....great capture. Hope you get a kick out of my Sunday Bridges post this week. All I can say is, Buddy scared me to death. Thanks heaven he made it back to me safe and sound! Hope you have a drier Sunday than what we are experiencing here. I need to go out and shoot all the water rushing down Kerrs Creek under our bridge....SPOOKY and VERY LOUD!

  8. Great shot. We love tulip populars.

    Darryl and Ruth : )


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