Friday, March 18, 2011

SkyWatch Friday

I love this old coffee sign in downtown Roanoke! To see skies from all over the world, visit Skyley!

Have a great weekend! It's supposed to be near 80 here today...I'm ready for spring!


  1. that coffeepot it so adorable

    Love that shot!

  2. thanks deborah! i think that coffeepot is cute too!!

  3. Indeed, a neat sign! Does the neon still work?

  4. oh yeah, it lights up real purty!

  5. I love that sign....have seen it before. It was beautiful here yesterday and today....amazing weather. I needed it after a horrible bout with the flu. Have started one of Kim Klassen’s E-Courses on PSE9 and am really having to work at understanding it all. It’s so confusing to me. I am struggling to keep my daily posts going, but I am afraid some of the memes are going to have to be put on hold for the next month. I will post as I get time. There just do not seem to be enough hours in the days for me to do all I want to do.

  6. I could go for some good coffee. I wonder if they roast their own?


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