Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring on North Creek

Spring has finally arrived in Virginia! Things are turning green!

Photo taken at North Creek, Buchanan, VA


  1. Spring is spreading everywhere...
    A beautiful photograph Tanya.

  2. Places like North Creek make me want to be back in the mountains. I have very many wonderful memories of the campground there.

  3. Lots of green going on in our yard too... and the cherry blossoms have gone big and berserk!


  4. Thanks goodness the waters have receded and we can begin to go creek surfing. About the old church. The fellow that lives in the house with all the junk around it - posted it last week or the weekend a bit ago - and he told us about the civil war info. Said the when they had one of the reenactments of the Civil War they actually cleaned it up a bit. The inside is in me. You go out of Eagle Rock like you are heading back to Buchanan and you will come to it before you get to where the old James River boat locks are. I net the fellow at the local washateria and he and his wife led us out I do not know the route number or anything. Sorry I cannot help you more.

  5. I am happy for you. This photo is very cute. My friend from CT said it snowed in Westport this morning!


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