Monday, June 23, 2014

Annual VA State Championship Chili Cook-Off

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Sorry for the poor quality. Had my less-than-favorite pocket camera with me.

Went to the Chili Cook-Off on Saturday in Roanoke. It was fun but we weren't all that impressed I have to say. The booths were spread around instead being set up side-by-side which would make it easier for tastings and to try and hone in on your favorite to cast your vote. We arrived at about 11:30 and the event started at 10 or 11 and many booths were already out of chili and in the process of making more so we only tasted a handful. We didn't get a chance to even taste the winners since they were some of the booths that ran out.

These guys in the photo were my favorite "schtick-wise". They were dressed up as surgeons and their booth was the operating room. They had 2 chilis. One was mild or medium and the other was super hot. They would only let you try the hot chili after you tried the regular chili. Nick and I both tried each and the hot chili was probably the hottest thing I've ever eaten! It was H.O.T.!!

I voted for Roanoke Valley Community Credit Union's chili and Nick voted for WDBJ7's. I liked the credit union's chili better plus the people in the booth were all nicer.

Anywho, the event is for a good cause:
"The 35th Annual VA State Championship Chili Cookoff will be held on Saturday, June 21 at downtown Roanoke’s Elmwood Park off of Jefferson Street. The ICS sanctioned Chili Cookoff not only benefits the underprivileged children at Greenvale School, it is also a fun Roanoke tradition. The School is privileged to be able to continue this beloved and long standing event that entertains thousands of people in our community while also drawing out-of-town visitors who contribute to our local economy."

And here's a list of the winners: Results from the 35th Annual VA State Championship Chili Cook-off
1st Scott Bishop - Hilton Head, SC
2nd Matt Lusk - Belton, SC
3rd Charlie Whitescarver - Christiansburg, VA

1st Matt Lusk - Belton, SC
2nd Paul Laster - Leesburg, VA
3rd Cheryl Bishop - Hilton Head, SC

1st Matt Lusk - Belton, SC
2nd Cheryl Bishop - Hilton Head, SC
3rd Jan Sprouse - Palm Coast, FL

People's Choice Chili
1st WDBJ7

Best Booth
1st Surgical Precision - Roanoke, VA
2nd Roanoke Valley Community Credit Union

Best Showmanship
1st Roanoke Valley Community Credit Union
2nd Surgical Precision - Roanoke, VA


  1. Despite the lack of organization, the Chili cook off sounds like great fun. I've always felt that chili needs some heat, but should not be painfully hot. Fine colors in your photo even if it lacks some sharpness.

  2. Maybe they really are surgeons. OMG! I mislaid the chilis! ;-)

  3. glad these fellows took best booth. :)

  4. Aren't you sweet to post all the results.

  5. This sounds similar to the "rib fests" they had in Canada. They can be fun, sorry it didn't turn out so great tasting-wise. Seems weird the way you describe it... like they didn't want people there!

  6. I wish we had competitions like these!

  7. Hmmm...not too much to do up in them thar parts in the ol' summertime, heh? :)

    Having lived in Texas I can't imagine a real chili cookoff that didn't include some chili from the Lone Star State. But then again, your chili cookers probably didn't need Texas' help. I can't think of much of anything good coming our of Texas these days! :)

  8. We had the rib fest thing this weekend here. Some chili on the side, but not as a main.

    Admittedly, I've never really cared for chili.

  9. I love me some chili cook-off's!

  10. I haven't been to a Chili cookoff since I left Texas. Love the hot stuff!

  11. i prefer chili when it is cold. i am amazed by people that eat it when it is hot as well. to much HOT for me. ha. ha!! ( :

  12. Great name, must be killer chile.

  13. Sounds like a very competitive competition!

  14. So, you both picked winners. :)
    I would have spent a lot of time with the salsa tastings….yummy!


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