Friday, October 16, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 57

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Read Mountain Starz vs Central Academy Patriots @ Central Academy Middle School . Fincastle

Today, Thursday, these 2 guys had their last middle school football game. # 16 & 18. I was upset, showed up a half hour late. Game was supposed to start at 5. Got there and it had started at 4:30...some knew, most didn't. Our schedules said 5 but the lady at the gate taking our money said they changed it last month. Mass anyways, Central Academy is our rival, same county. There's 2 middle schools here in Botetourt County, Read Mountain (us) and Central Academy (them)...we won, 26-0. Way to end the season. The boys have to ride the bus back to school as a team. I met them there. Braden came out after changing and I asked where Dalton was and Braden tells me he went to run 1 more hill, 1 last time....I was half sad about this momentous occasion (football game) but held it together but seeing him run a last hill with a few football buddies made me so sad. I have found that with these two boys, lasts truly are lasts. With Ashlyn and Christian I always knew I had two more to enjoy one more time with, but these 2 are my "one more time"...I'm feeling a bit sappy tonight so.....I'll take you through Braden and Dalton's football years for my Willy Nilly:

This was in Georgia. We had just picked up their gear for their first year of football. The year is 2007. Obviously they were pretty pumped to try it all on!

Same year as above but ready for a game! Our first team, Walton County Bengals!

Our first team here in Virginia, The Bulldogs...2008

We've been on the Panthers a few times so this might have been about 4th grade?

Last year of rec football, 6th stop high school football....not a clue where the time has that's my randoms this go's your turn! Post 5 randoms, link back and visit others! Have fun and have a great weekend!!

If you still want to see more football pics, of these two little guys or Christian, just type "football" in the search bar up top, you might remember some of these!


  1. Look at those guys! Good to see them through the years.

  2. Hello. It was fascinating seeing them throughout the years. What fun times and memories!

  3. Neat to see them getting bigger.

  4. But they won! Look at the bright side, maybe they can fail and do the grade over again next year. OH, maybe thats not the bright side.

  5. Such cute boys!!!!
    Football must be 'big' in your family.

    How they've grown.

  6. I bet you are so busy during football season.

  7. Nice memories - I know nothing about American football, but loved that first action shot!

  8. Such wonderful football players. My grandson is just 8 and playing flag football yet. It won't be long until he is suited up like this boys.

  9. Such wonderful football players. My grandson is just 8 and playing flag football yet. It won't be long until he is suited up like this boys.

  10. Your twins are so adorable, Tanya! I love these growing up shots in their football uniforms. I don't follow football at all (nor does my hubby...we just aren't sports fans) but I love to see young people involved in activities like this...makes them well-rounded. Wonderful! And they are (like our grandson!) are growing up so fast!

  11. They look so cute in their orange uniform! :-)

  12. It seems they really took the game seriously!

  13. Relish these years while you can. Still, you have four high school years ahead of you and, if their passion for football continues and their talent permits, four years of college. So, it isn't over by a long shot.

  14. They've been playing football since they could walk! ;) It appears they enjoy it. Glad you made it to the game, even if the time did get mixed up somehow.


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