Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Theme Day - Out of Focus

I'm late to the party I know! For anyone that knows me personally knows that I am notoriously late ;) ...anyways, I had nothing planned for the theme and have been on the go all day has been a dreary, cooler day and the mountains are covered in fog...these are the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are "out of focus"...I've shown you a clearer shot HERE

First of the month is known as Theme Day in the City Daily Photo see what others have done visit City Daily Photo


  1. I took my glasses off to help the effect.

  2. Low lying fog, actually kind of thin compared to how it is sometimes. A very moody picture!

  3. Nice picture. I had trouble with this theme because I was taught the subject should be in focus. It's a good lesson to break the rule though.

  4. I like this and with my cataract everything is a little blurry. :)

  5. I think I enjoyed reading what you wrote as much as looking at your photo! All good.


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