Monday, January 6, 2020

Monday Murals - The Circus

New College Institute
30 Franklin Street . Martinsville . 24112

Loved this mural! Saw it driving by but didn't get a chance to get out so this is a drive by! Martinsville has a super neat historical downtown though so I must make it back!

I was just researching this mural and this is what I found! How interesting!

Found that HERE

Happy Monday! We might be getting a little snow tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

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  1. Such a great mural Tanya, love the elephants. Thanks for participating.

  2. Elephants marching always seemed so wonderful, and in a way I'm sad that the circuses have changed their mind about training and using them. Nice mural to remember them by.

    best...... mae at

  3. Very nice mural. And thank you for the explanation.

  4. Great mural!
    A blast from the past - 25 and 50 cents admission!

  5. It's a beautiful mural. I'm glad the elephants are on a mural and not being held captive in some carnival. It makes me smile, too.

  6. Hi Tanya, that's a great mural and interesting explanation of it. Thank you and Happy New Year :)

  7. Hi there Tanya, happy new year to you, and glad you stopped in to see me!

  8. Aww.... I really like this mural.

  9. What an awesome mural, nice catch Tanya. It's good to see you posting again. A Happy 2020 to you!

  10.'s too bad that the circus doesn't come to town anymore and to think that a video game is more exciting!

  11. That's very nice. A little history in an elephant-sized mural. :)
    Happy 2020, Tanya. :)


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