Friday, April 24, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 40

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This cute little barn quilt is in Buchanan.

The other day I got a surprise in the mail!

What can it be?!
A super cute set of "Story of the Earth" bracelets

7 in can wear all 7 or however many you like...I like to wear all 7!

Plus it came with this adorably sweet little book:
Cute right?

I ordered this through a company called Uncommon Goods. When I was browsing their website I really loved the fact that I could read about each artist/designer right there with their wares. CLICK HERE to see my bracelet and read about the artist.

When my package arrived I noticed the envelope it was packed in and thought "I need to order more stuff from this company because I like their packaging!" ha, seriously, I love the simple style of it, it really appealed to me.

With Mother's Day right around the corner, look at these great gift ideas:

Uncommon Goods also donates $1 with each purchase to the non-profit of your choice. How awesome is that?!

Something else I like about this company is that it is housed in the old historic Brooklyn Army know how much I love old buildings! Plus their lowest paid workers start at 50% above minimum wage...take that WalMart lol

CLICK HERE for a studio tour on their blog..

Such a fun and interactive company! CLICK HERE to join an Instagram Challenge...good luck!

Some more great gifts for mom!

Well that about wraps up my summary of happiness with Uncommon Goods! Now go do some shopping or just snoop around on their website!

How about some Willy Nilly time!

1) Did you know how Barn Quilts got started? I didn't so I Googled it and found the info HERE

2) I love abandoned old places and was looking for some on the internet and came across this thing called Urban's interesting but too scary for me...see what it is HERE

3) Well then in my Urban Exploration research I came across a local video done right here in Botetourt County: WARNING: Very graphic graffiti

I was wondering if it could be THIS HOUSE because the guys says it's not far from WalMart and neither is this one. Hmmmm

4) Have you seen THIS Pandora ad? Oh my gosh, so sweet....

5) I made THIS little healthy snack this week and it is so yummy with apple slices!

Well now it is your turn, post 5 randoms, link up, visit others and have fun!!

Have a super weekend!!


  1. A famous bracelet set with the little book - I like such things! Have checked the site: they sale in Euro too and send to Germany... once, whe I have more money, will buy there something. I like the package too and have sometimes ordered things, where the package is nice...
    Beautiful and interesting about barn quilt - I should paint one on my old wooden wall in the backyard...
    Have a great weekend, thanks for hosting

  2. I'm looking at Uncommon Goods now... love your bracelets. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  3. That dip looks really good. Will have to bookmark the page. Thanks for all your shares.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. The barn quilt certainly is an eye-popper!

  5. Loved the barn picture, your bracelets are very nice and enjoyed your Friday Five. Thanks for all those links Tanya :)

  6. I love Uncommon Goods. They have such fun things. Cute barn quilt!

  7. very cute bracelets and i love the little storybook. :)

  8. I LOVE your bracelet and I love Uncommon Goods! They ROCK! That house in your video is so sad. I was wonderful in it's day, with it's big rooms and porches. And the owners were educated, look at all the books. I would LOVE to know it's story. Maybe the owners died and it just fell into disrepair.

  9. LOVE bracelets on women. The more the merrier.

  10. Wow! A LOT of great stuff on your post! I loved learning about where the barn quilt idea came from...that was so interesting! Where there is a good idea, others take up the banner and it goes on and on, and I love how this idea spread like wildfire! Wish we had barns here in AZ so we could have barn quilts. Also, I do think the house in that video is the one you took a photo of. It looks like a beautiful old house and it is such a shame it is in such disrepair. Even sadder to see the X-rated graffiti all over its once lovely walls. My hubby and I used to LOVE to drive the back roads and find abandoned houses, and we've been in more than a few. The graffiti thing is a new development...we never ran across that before, and I am sure almost any old house now has it. The destruction of our society is also spreading like wildfire. The uncommongoods company is really great...they have some cool stuff! Hope you have a great weekend. Thanks again for this great meme!

  11. Super Fun weekend!

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  12. I've shopped at Uncommon Goods before. I like it very much! I found the Urban Exploring video so interesting. I think it's kind of funny that he wonders if the stairs are safe and then just proceeds up them like nothing. These old abandoned places must hold some interesting history!

  13. I love Uncommon Goods. They have the best stuff!

  14. Great packaging and the bracelets look fab too!

  15. Oh, beautiful and cute bracelets, love the sweet little book as well♡♡♡
    The quilt on the wall look SO unique and wished to see it :-)
    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


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