Thursday, July 21, 2016

I'm On A Boat

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Scenes while on a boat...mostly:
We took a lot of little boats/water taxis to Las Gatas & Ixtapa we are getting ready to jump on a boat to whisk us away to Las Gatas...

Not on a boat...but there's a few boats!

On a boat...

That's the view of our resort The Las Brisas, taken while on a boat...

We took a sunset cruise on The Picante...same one we took about 20 years ago...although this time around it was more mellow...the first one was more of a party cruise but then I guess we have all "matured" since then ;)

I love the rugged rock formations!

There's a coconut boat!

El Capitan of our boat (that was also the name of a high school where I grew up!)

Yep that's me on a boat!

Toodles Las Gatas...

This has absolutely nothing to do with a boat but I wanted to be included in Tex's Good Fences it has an intersting tale! Some of you might remember me telling you how Nick lived down here for a few winter months when he first got out of the Marine Corps...he was selling time shares here...well this place, beyond the big gates was being developed by a drug lord and Nick couldn't remember how the story went, if the drug lord went broke or ended up in jail but it's pretty deserted. All that had been done was this gate, roads made and power ran...I think the sign says it is for sale, but Nick was not interested in the least to get up close to it to find out and hurried me to take my picture. This is situated on a less travelled road so probably not a good area to hang out! Speaking of drugs, one of our taxi drivers was telling us how the drug cartel had moved into Zihuatanejo about 6 months ago and there are wars going on between a couple of different groups, trying to secure locations...kind of scary!

Sorry to be overloading on my pictures since our return...trying to hurry and finish!

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  1. Thank you so much Tanya. This is a world far form Europe and I like it! The colors and what you are writing about it. Sometimes a bit scary but what a nice photos!

  2. Lovely scenery seen from your boat ride. Great place for vacation.

  3. The pictures are gorgeous! Two and three are my favorites. The story is scary! But then again, the drugs and dealers are just everywhere now. Good thing you didn't hang around that house, you never know if a NEW drug lord took up residence! LOVE seeing you so pretty and happy!

  4. So envious of your marvellous experiences.

  5. definitely a beautiful vacation destination! to be out on a boat on those waters must have been wonderful! The drugs war not so good!
    Just to let you know that I used Snapseed app and the HDR filter on those photos.

  6. Bud and I have been to Ixtapa!! Lovely area. Did you get to climb the hills...we did. What an adventure. Great waterfalls way up there.

  7. Oh, we love seeing all these amazing sights! And look how cute you look on the boat! What fun that must have been! Hugs, Diane

  8. The resort has quite an unusual look to it.

  9. such a beautiful area. and soon to be too dangerous to visit, probably. sad about the drug wars. the gate is massive!

  10. Gorgeous scenery! I know you are enjoying it all!

  11. What photos! What a place ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  12. Nice shots. Interesting story about the drug lord, though.

  13. Wow this was so interesting. My family went to Z many years ago! I remember that orange tile resort. We were staying in Ixtapa. So sad to hear about the drug dealers.
    That shot is super interesting. Thanks for sharing and bringing back so very fond memories!

  14. a lovely gate, and such a great tour on the water :)

  15. What a lovely time you must have had. Such pretty blue water, nice looking resort, the rock formations were cool, good to see you smiling on the boat. Nice gate/entrance. The "drugs" and stuff like that does seem rather scary.


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