Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday's Treasures - Owen's Place, Zihuatanejo

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Look who's back! So last week we went on a little jaunt to Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo, Mexico. This is Nick's favorite Mexican vacation. He worked down there briefly when he was fresh out of the Marine Corps, selling time shares. This was my 2nd trip there. The biggie was that this was our first actual vacation without kids since having Braden and Dalton, over 14 years ago! My oh my! So, we left the younger 2, with the older 2, a list of rules and phone numbers and boarded the plane...My first set of photos I am going to show you is from Las Gatas Beach, Owen's Place:
Last Tuesday, our first visit (on this trip) to Las take a water taxi to get there and then just park yourself under a palapala at one of the beach restaurants that line the beach...these aren't your typical touristy restaurants, these are more like someone's house with a big kitchen and lots of lounge chairs to relax in...we hung out at Otilia's both times because we liked it and our waiter Franco was the bomb-diggity:
Hola Franco!

Hola Blackie! Another reason we liked Otilia's...Blackie! You know how much I love dogs and I was really, really missing Ozzy...he missed me too!

So anyways, while kicking it at Otilia's, sipping on a cold cerveza, I noticed a place out on the point that looked interesting....Nick told me it was Owen's..This guy Owen Lee was a diver with Jacques Cousteau and opened up this resort but unlike other resorts, this one isn't fancy schmancy, just little bungalows, kind of rural...our waiter Franco said it was deserted since Owen had a stroke and passed away a few years ago (Owen didn't pass away though, more on that in a bit) so imagine my excitement at the thought of an abandoned resort! So...we just chilled at Otilia's and then went back to our own resort in Ixtapa after a few hours but I couldn't get Owen's out of my head so a few days later we returned to Otilia's and asked Franco if we were allowed to walk over there.... "yeah, yeah" he said so off we went!

Welcome to the Hotel California.....

While walking around this empty place we saw 2 ladies, one seemed to be talking a lot about Owen's as if she knew stuff, lots of stuff so we asked her some questions...turns out the one lady was originally from Zihuatenejo, now living in Norway, yes, Norway! Her friend was also from Norway but didn't speak a lot of English, or Spanish...but the Mexican lady knew Norwegian! The Mexican/Norwegian lady was telling us that she knew Owen Lee when she was growing up, he was like an uncle to her. She explained that it was not easy on him back then opening this place up as an outsider. The following photos are from Owen's house (she told us):
She explained that Owen did have a stroke, but is now living in San Francisco...he has some expat friends that are taking care of this place for him. His expat friends run a sunset cruise on The Picante that Nick and I took 20+ years ago, and again on this trip!

The lady also noticed that he left his books behind...she became a little emotional at that and said she was going to contact him to see if he wanted her to send them to him...

Well that does it for my photos of Owen's bungalow but I have a few more from around his resort that I will be posting tomorrow so come back!

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Had fun but there's no place like home!

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  1. What a great post - super pics amidst a really fun narrative! I can see why you enjoyed this place. But what the heck does "bomb diggity" mean? :)

  2. What a very cool place to go! I have never even heard of it! I am so glad that Owen is safe and sound in California! The place looks real cute, but I guess his buddy does not have the time to open it again. the palm trees are gorgeous, as are your shots of the inside. Did you go on the pirate ship?

  3. Indeed a treasured place Tanya. I hope that you had a great time! Thanks for stopping by and please come again.

  4. The dog's a cutie! I see that town's name, and I always think of the Shawshank Redemption's ending.

  5. "A little jaunt??" Sounds more like a great vacation and terrific adventure.

  6. Well that's exciting! Glad you got to sneak away.

  7. Wonderful that the two of you had a great trip!

  8. very very cool adventure!!!! Cant wait to see more!

  9. Otilia's looks fab Tanya, checked out their Facebook page. Looks like a wonderful time was had.. hope the kids didn't have a party while you were away 😃😃

  10. Wonderful post! My kind of place!!

  11. A great story. Nice photos and narrative was very interesting. Nothing like a great adventure while on vacation.

  12. Sounds like you had a great getaway and lots of fun exploring. Excellent story telling and photos!

  13. Looks like some practice for an eventual empty nest. Nice vacation.

  14. How fun for you and your husband....but 14 years? You two should be doing more stuff together (sans kiddos!) I've not been to Mexico yet. Love the photos of both places!

  15. What a fun looking place. And Blackie was a great welcoming committee (of one) to greet you.


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