Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More From Owen's Place - Zihuatanejo

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Continuing where we left off yesterday:
I liked these neat little sculptures...

Not what I would expect to see at the beach!

Does not seem to fit in with the rustic feel of the place...

Precariously balanced...

One of the rooms/huts for rent...a hot tub? With an electric cord?

A nice firm bed...

Dine al really is a cute little place!

Laundry facilities...

Million dollar views...

Ok, now this portion of the resort looked like someone was living here...the grounds were raked nicely and then a big dog rounded a corner and watched us so we politely made our way out (I had already taken these photos before the dog appeared!):
And no, there wasn't a bartender...Nick had carried his drink over with him from Otilia's :)

Now back to the more rustic/abandoned area:
Across the bay you can just make out the string of restaurants, where we started!

A 3 hour tour?

One last look back...Goodbye Owen's Place!

Your charming tour guides, Nick and Tanya :)

I am sorry this post was so photo heavy! There are links to Owen's and a bit of the story in yesterday's post!

If this loads weird for you will you let me know? I rearranged my blog a bit this morning because my photos were loading so small so I moved all the sidebar stuff to the bottom!


  1. The page loads fine for me.

    Beautiful shots... and the landscape's so different from what I'm accustomed to.

  2. It looks like you are all alone on an island far far away! Wonderful exotic views.

  3. It's rather sad to see so much abandonment. Thanks for the tour, though. It is certainly a place of tropical beauty!

  4. The phrase "mixed bag" comes to mind. A fine spot but poor upkeep. That cord near the pool is scary.

  5. Looks fab Tanya, a relaxed vibe.. but DoN'T go in the hot-tub! 😃

  6. Looks fab Tanya, a relaxed vibe.. but DoN'T go in the hot-tub! 😃

  7. It may have been abandoned, but this still looks like a slice of paradise. Lovely photos. Thanks for the tour.

  8. Without my looking it up, I'd say this is the Caribbean. I spent 10 days on a little island in the BVI called Jost Van Dyke, and although Jost had much less structures - believe it or not - the scenery was very much the same. Heavenly!

  9. Lots of wonders to see here. I especially love your palm tree shots, with the sea and sand. And picture 16 took my breath away! It is so gorgeous there! Too bad no one comes there anymore to enjoy it. But then again, they would probably mess up all this natural beauty.


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