Monday, July 18, 2016

A Few Murals & The Streets Of Zihua

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One afternoon we took a taxi from our hotel in Ixtapa to Zihuatanejo:
Actually we rented a car and Nick did a lot of driving around Ixapa/Zihua but sometimes we just didn't want to deal with finding a parking spot in Zihua so we'd take a taxi. Very easy to get one from our hotel and very cheap. Plus driving in Mexico is very daunting...there aren't any actual marked lanes and people just cut in and out of traffic like crazy people! Needless to say I did NOT drive!

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  1. I love murals and these are very cool! I also like that croc on the big rock. So many pretty palm trees everywhere. That tall house in the fifth picture is also very interesting. I have not seen one like it, with the balconies sticking out and adding to the architecture. Looks like apartments.

  2. My goodness - that driving situation sounds crazy. But it looks like photo ops abound. My son in law grew up in rural Mexico - he has some stories!

  3. Some very vivid murals.

    The driving situation there would sound nightmarish.

  4. I would not like driving there! I enjoyed the bright colors in your post though.

  5. I missed the whole story of how you ended up in Mexico. Is it just a family vacation? The photos are fabulous! Driving is indeed an adventure! Have fun.


  6. Oh I just love seeing your vacation photos! The city looks wonderful and fun. I bet you had an amazing time!

    BTW you mentioned my grandfather...grandmother was four months pregnant with my Mom and my grandfather was driving a mule-drawn wagon back from town and got caught in a storm. Lightning struck the mule, ran up the reigns and hit him in the chest and face through his arms. He died instantly. I have heard that story all my life, and I am terrified of lightning because of it. Knowing you like genealogy I thought you might like to hear the story. Poor grandmother had Mom without her sweet husband.

  7. What a colorful place!

  8. Looks like a colorful and fun place. The murals are fun.


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