Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Avenel Plantation

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Bedford . Built 1838
What it looked like a very long time ago...
A little history:
"Union troops stopped here twice during Hunters Raid, and Confederate forces paused here as well as they pursued the enemy
out of the area.The Bedford County Militia Company, Old Dominion Rifles, drilled on the property in 1861; the company’s captain was Dr.Thomas M. Bowyer,the husband of Catherine Burwell, whose family owned the plantation. The unit became a
light artillery battery in action under Gen.Thomas J.“Stonewall” Jackson at Cedar Mountain and Antietam. Bowyer later treated and protected Union Col.William Powell after he was captured by Confederate troops; Powell, released in 1864 and
riding with Gen.David Hunter, returned the favor by protecting Avenel during Hunters Raid, leaving
the home untouched." Copied from News Advance

Now the home is owned and operated by the Avenel Foundation and can be rented for weddings and events...see their website HERE

Avenel is rumored to be haunted by a lady in white (of course..aren't all ghost ladies wearing white?!)...she is thought to be Mary Francis "Fran" Burwell...legend has it that she stayed on the front porch waiting for her husband to return home from the Civil War but he never did...what a sad story :(

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Who's getting hit with this big snow storm? Yesterday our weather people had everyone worked up over the amounts of snow we would be getting...another one misses us...we got a dusting here and there and rain, it's just cold and rainy...schools were closed though so I've got happy kids!...until we have to make it up, boo!


  1. So glad I'm here in Mexico still as surrounding areas of Toronto were getting hit by the snow!
    I love visiting plantations.

  2. Funny comment about ghosts and them always being in white. Never thought about that before. Like the history you dug up about the place.
    Up here in MD outside Baltimore we were expecting more snow but warm air pushed in to make it sleet. Snow came first, now still spitting ice crystals. Messy out there but we have no where we need to go and for the first time in our lives we have not had to move the snow and ice. The benefits of retirement living.

  3. It's a really lovely house and that's so much history connected with it! I loved that you showed the old photo of it with the lady on the porch!

  4. Looks like it's being very well cared for Tanya.. did the boys enjoy the visit? I'm guessing the ghostly lady in the white dress only comes out after dark ☺

  5. What a wonderful place, so full of history! I LOVE the porch!! I sure wish we had a porch. And now to find out that it is haunted by the sad porch lady! I will have to visit next time we are in the area. Yes, why isn't there ever a woman in blue or red? Perhaps because white is associated with ghosts?

  6. Wondering if you went inside and were allowed photos...if I can remember will google this after while. Love that the porch wraps around...

  7. Few things are more southern than porches, pillars and rocking chairs. It's snowing today, all school in New York State are closed, better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for stopping by, Tanya.

  8. I like this house a lot for it reminds that somethings, myself included, get better with age! What? Yes, of course it's true. Well, I suppose some folks might disagree. What does my wife say? I'm not gonna tell you! Sheesh!

  9. Quite a peaceful looking place- the rocking chairs particularly draw my eye!

    We're getting some snow out of that system to add to what's still on the ground.

  10. That home and the people who lived there had a sad civil war history, but it is a fine looking house. Glad it survived the war and is now open for public events.

  11. That is one gorgeous house! Nice to see that it has survived the war and time. No snow in KY, sadly!

  12. That's a beautiful porch! Great history. We got about 5 inches of snow but it melted off the roads quickly.

  13. Oh, how I love this sort of place! There's so much to learn just by looking around. Great photos.

  14. I can imagine some nouvels from older times...
    Hope for you, bad weather will be over soon


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