Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Highland Park Elementary School

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Highland Park Elementary School . 1212 5th Street SW . Roanoke . 24016

Park Street School opened in 1907, was damaged by fire in 1920, and rebuilt in 1921. Its name was changed to Highland Park Elementary in 1924. Click Here for some interesting reading on the history of old southwest...scroll down to page 6 "The First Public Park" and you can see an old picture of the school, and park.

Highland Park Elementary is still in use and is now a magnet school. Visit their website HERE

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  1. ...what a classy looking school. We have a number of them that are similar in this community, what treasures! Thanks for stopping by, come again please.

  2. Kids back in school there now? Start of school was delayed here in MD by order of governor until after Labor Day.

    1. yes we started school on the 9th...crazy...i want you governor! as a kid we never started till the tuesday after labor day...don't know what this august nonsense is about anyway!

  3. Nice to see that they are still using this building.

  4. It did look very much like it does now. I like the arched doorways and the fancy brickwork on the edges.


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