Tuesday, August 15, 2017

James Monroe's First Farm

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McCormick Road . Charlottesville

"In 1788 James Monroe purchased an 800-acre farm here to be close to his friend Thomas Jefferson and to establish a law office. In 1799 the Monroes moved to their new Highland plantation adjacent to Monticello and sold the first farm. in 1817 the Board of Visitors of Central College purchased 43 3/4 acres of Monroe’s old farm, for the Lawn and the Ranges of the “academical village” that Jefferson was planning to build with private contributions. On 6 Oct. President Monroe, with former presidents Jefferson and Madison, laid the cornerstone for its first building, Pavilion VII. On 25 Jan, 1879, Central College was charged by the General Assembly as the University of Virginia."

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  1. ...there sure is a lot of history in your area and it's still making history. Thanks Tanya for sharing this week, please stop again.

  2. That's something I wouldn't have known.

  3. That's a lot of snow for summer Tanya 😀😀

  4. Good grief! I live right here, and had no idea!!

  5. Your area is so full of history.

  6. Wonderful post about an important part of our history! I always enjoy your shares of what is available in Va....I wish everyone cared about America's early years!


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