Tuesday, September 12, 2017


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Social Security Office . 612 South Jefferson Street . Roanoke

Watching over the main entrance to the Social Security Administration Building in Roanoke, Virginia, is this bronze eagle titled "Majestic". Few animals hold as much symbolism or generate the excitement and emotion as the American Bald Eagle. Strength, courage, honor, majesty, and freedom are all characteristics that are represented in this magnificent sculpture.
Creating a sculpture symbolic of courage and strength was important as the piece was designed for the entrance of the newly constructed Social Security Administration Building in Roanoke, Virgina. Different colored patinas were applied to add depth and help the eagle come to life.
Every detail in "Majestic" was hand sculpted in clay, from the feathers to the rock formation on which the bird rests. The clay sculpture was then taken to a mold maker using a 2,000 year old lost wax process and then cast in bronze at a foundry, where the final patina color is also applied....copied from HERE

Just happened to be walking by one day and noticed this that I know all about it I'm going to have to go get a closer peep! For more on the artist you can visit his website HERE and I'm linking this up with Tom's Tuesday's Treasures


  1. Just walked past that sculpture 2 days ago! Should have taken a closer look. Next visit. Very interesting how all this is accomplished.

  2. ...yep, there isn't anything more majestic than an eagle. I've recently seen several eagle sculptures, nice to see. Thanks Tanya for stopping by.

  3. Great sculpture. I love eagles and have a nice bronze one on a table in my office. And you're right - it was a birthday party. Yea!

  4. Always impressive the eagle Tanya, even more so with wings open to show the span!

  5. He is gorgeous! His large outspread wings really represent freedom at it's best.

  6. A perfectly wonderful treasure, Tanya! As you say, the American Eagle is always so majestic!

  7. Fine looking sculpture. This bird is a strong symbol.

  8. Truly majestic bird and a greaat artwork!


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