Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pearsall Memorial Presbyterian Church

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3902 Market Street . Wilmington . NC

Saturday was cold and rainy here. Nick and I were wanting to hit up our favorite taco shop down in Raleigh so Nick decided we'd go down there on Sunday and from there head to Wrightsville Beach and stay the night. The weather was perfect and the water warm! Oh, and the Mexican food was delicious!

Saw this sweet church in Wilmington. All I found on it was that it was built by Oscar Pearsall in 1913. Love the Palm Trees in front!

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  1. ...Tanya, a lovely church and one of the first things that I noticed were the palm trees, I knew that we weren't in Virginia. Thanks for sharing this treasure!

  2. It's very pretty Tanya. I love all of that brick!

  3. I'm not sure where this is. But what a wonderful church, and amazing palm trees in front!!

  4. This is a beautiful church. What a nice getaway for you and Nick!

  5. If not for the palm trees, this one wouldn't look out of place here.

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