Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Boone Mill Supply Company

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100 Easy Street . Boone's Mill . Franklin County

ca. 1920

Took this picture a couple of weeks ago when we were at the Boone's Mill Apple Festival ...the police officer is directing traffic...I liked the look of the building but didn't know anything till now, which is still next to nothing appeared to be vacant and I'd like to go poke around one of these days!

I found an old photo on the town's website HERE and if you scroll down it is 4th from the bottom, taken in the 1930's...I love old photographs don't you?!

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  1. You and I would make a right pair going for a nosey here & a poke around there!

  2. Whenever I see the name, Boone's, I think of rotgut wine which the poor and rejected of our society drink out of a bottle in the alleys of our cities. That's probably really not the case, but it's what comes to mind. :)

  3. Interesting old building. The town needs to find a use for it so it does not deteriorate any further.

  4. ...the building doesn't look much different than it did years ago, let's hope that someone gives it a little bit of love! Thanks Tanya for stopping by!

  5. Ha! I always think of Boone's Farm wine! lol

  6. I'm rather thrilled with the pampas grass!

  7. What draws my attention is the huge bundle of gorgeous fall ornamental grass in front of the building. I think it makes the whole picture.

  8. A wonderful old building...I bet with a fascinating history.


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