Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Black & White Wednesday

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Pittsburgh . PA

This was back in 2013...I have mentioned that I'm going through my computer is so low on memory right now so I just keep deleting photos that I should have deleted years ago to try and free up more's making me not even want to get out and take pictures because I have no storage space to download them :( I really need to fix this situation ASAP!

On another note, we have a snow day today! Crazy weather! I went to pick up Dalton from work at 10 last night and it had started snowing while I was waiting for was fun and we stopped at Kroger to pick up a few things for their "snow day"...wasn't really concerned about the roads because the weather people have been saying it's not going to stick on the roads, just grassy areas like our last snow...finished shopping and the parking lot was covered in snow when we came outside! The roads were awful trying to get back home...I slid a few times but thankfully no other vehicles were near me...I'm not going to lie, it was a little troubling!

First day of spring ha!!


  1. Nice angle on the County Jail.
    Ah yes. About 4" and still coming down on a Spring Day in Western P. A.

  2. Tanya, do not delete old photos from your computer. Save them on an external hard drive. You can get an one terabyte external hard drive for reasonable money these days. One of the sad things about digital photos is that they will mostly be gone in a few decades unlike our parents and grandparents days.

  3. External hard drives or stashing them on disks might be the solution.

    Very imposing, which you expect.

  4. Same weather here in central Kentucky. No school today and I don't mind!! Have you tried purchasing an external hard drive? I store all of my photos on one.

  5. Hi Tanya! I agree with both TFG and WK. You can get a 1 terabyte external hard drive for about $80 or less and that's a lot of storage. I've used one for several years and have used up very little space. Another thing is to change the size of your photos (I reduce mine to 4X6 inches initially at 300pixels and then down to 725px times 491px for a landscape shot and vice versa for a portrait picture.) That takes up a lot less storage space. These days a regular color photo can be 4-7 megabytes or more. They gobble up space.

  6. So scary! I am glad you are home and safe now. Your photo looks like a castle with a fortified wall around it!

  7. You are certainly getting hammered with the weather. I have an external hard drive also. Hugs B

  8. Is that a jail? Love it in B/W.


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