Friday, March 23, 2018

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 167

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Devil's Backbone
Right outside of Eagle Rock...everytime we pass there is a flag on the rock...we went through a week or so ago and didn't see a flag but it's up to nice volunteers who just take the treacherous hike and do it themselves..depending on the weather I'm sure... CLICK HERE to read a story about 2 young women who have changed the flag out and some great pictures! And CLICK HERE for another story along with the history!

Dal Nita Hills . Troutville . Botetourt County

This is one of my favorite trees! We lived in this neighborhood for a few years before moving into the house we are in now...this tree was at the entrance and always reminded me of The Tree of Life...

Colors of spring!

Another favorite tree of mine at Greenfield...see that clump of trees up the hill to the right? That is where the slave cabins used to be...don't even get me started on that ha...if you don't remember all the controversy around it, type "slave cabins" in my search bar and there will be plenty o' reading haha...short version, the county moved them from their original home to turn this beautiful area into an industrial park...$ always wins right? :(

More spring!!

That's my 5 this week!! I hope you will join in too! Post 5 randoms, link back and visit others!! Thanks for joining friends and have a great weekend!!

By the way, thanks for all the info about my picture storage problems!! I will look into getting an external hard drive...I had no idea!! What would I do without you all?!!


  1. If you wish to attain the truth, follow the money! Some nice photos here, and I'm glad that spring is coming your way. I'm not sure about the planting of the flag on the Devil's Backbone...the price might be too much to pay!

  2. Truly a Tree of Live and your spring photos enjoy me in the morning. We are living in deep winter here (se my last weeks post).
    Have a great weekend

  3.'s nice to see your signs of spring, we will have to wait a bit longer.

  4. You'd definitely want to be careful changing that flag!

  5. I LOVE that Devil's Backbone Flag! How wonderful! And two really gorgeous old trees in your shots as well as some pretty spring flowers. What a great post! Hey, I was able to link in! :-)

  6. Love you shot of the 'Tree of Life'!
    & it's always a pleasure to see Spring beauty!

  7. Beautiful flowers!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Very cool rock with the flag! I love the tree!

  9. Great 5! The spring flowers are lovely, we are still too snow covered. :(

  10. Gorgeous photos! My brain is intrigued, I must go read about the flag on Devils Backbone.

  11. Love the colors of spring shot! And that flag... wow!


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