Monday, January 2, 2012

Wrought Iron

A window in Fincastle. Did you know that blogger did away with the Friend Connect, or is going to? I took mine down since it will soon be obsolete. I guess they are wanting you to use Google+ ? Also, does anyone know how I can fix my paragraphs? Blogger changed something and now when I am drafting my post, I insert my paragraphs but it doesn't show up when it publishes, it just shows up in a big ongoing post, like this. Dang blogger!


  1. Sorry I can't help you with your blogger problems. :(

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! Love this iron fence. :)

  2. I like this photo. I haven't had this trouble yet with blogger, oh no not more changes....

  3. I like the repeating patterns in this fence... I did hear that GFC will be discontinued on March 1 and sometime later on Blogger... it is disappointing, but I guess everyone will will have to deal with the 'pain' of change at some point!


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