Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ozzy Sunday

Smile and the world smiles with you....


  1. Ozzy! You are just about the handsomest boy effur!! I love, love, love your almond shaped eyes! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!


  2. I'm falling in love with your dog . . .

  3. I definitely smiled with this photo!

  4. Lol...the words you added fit this photo to a T. I'm still smiling over it. :)

  5. I can't help but smile when I see that face.

  6. Hi Tanya... got me smiling! Thanks for your kind words on my blog! I have a place in 29 less than a mile from the border for Joshua Tree village border, on the South side of 62. My view looking north is Copper Mountain. The park boundary is a short walk behind me (south). We're just weekenders right now, but hope to retire out there someday!

  7. He looks happy (he's a loved dog) :-)

  8. Hi Tanya,
    amo lo sguardo del tuo Ozzy.
    E' veramente un magnifico esemplare... il mio cane è un chow-chow di 11 anni e si chiama Igor :)
    Anch'io penso che nessun animale sia aggressivo.... anche il chow-chow è considerato un cane aggressivo, ma ti posso assicurare che invece è dolcissimo come il tuo !!!
    Grazie per la condivisione, amerò seguire il tuo blog :)
    Buona serata Myriam
    ( un bacio a Ozzy )


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