Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Berkley-Hardy House

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303 Beech Street . Farmville

"Constructed in 1840, this house is the best example of federal style architecture in
Farmville. William Randolph Berkley, an attorney, a Lt. Colonel in the
Confederate States Army, and a trustee of Hampton-Sydney College, purchased
the property in 1871. He and his brother, Robert R., were the grandsons of
William Berkley, a Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Robert R.
Berkley, an attorney and physician, was a Colonel on the staff of Governor
William E. Cameron. Berkley later became the editor of the Farmville Journal
and was the first editorial and news writer of the Farmville Herald. Dr. Thomas
G. Hardy and his wife purchased the property at 1920 and improved and enlarged
it. The house is now leased to Longwood University." From the Farmville Walking Tour

Braden reading the history of the house to us. The boys were annoyed that I made them take turns reading about each building we came to haha


  1. A well built house and a learning exercise for your sons. Bet they won't forget :)

  2. Gosh, there are a lot of lovely buildings.
    But... er... tee-shirts when there's snow on the ground? :-)

    1. i know, they are crazy BUT it was a nice day, nearly 70! still a few piles of snow here and there!

  3. I like your idea of historical participation. Read on...

  4. The boys will thank you one day :) Interesting post and that's a lovely old building.

  5. It's quite a house.

    Don't worry about the t-shirts amid snow- we've got minus temps here and one still occasionally sees a lunatic in shorts.

  6. Love that front porch with the columns.

  7. Hi Tanya thats a nice house and it looks good and wonder its been around so long to see so much history!did yall get to go inside?

  8. I hope there is not going to be a quiz about the history of these homes.


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