Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Farmville - Poplar Hall & The Doyne Building on Main Street

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"The building is approximately 160 years old and still bears scars on the brick façade at the front of the building where cannon balls struck the building.
On the 5th and 6th of April, 1865, the noise and commotion of war approached Farmville from the East as Union troops marched in pursuit of Lee retreating west towards Lynchburg.
During the retreat, Lee’s troops fired artillery rounds from the nearby Appomattox River striking the front of the Tavern then located in the Poplar Hall building.
The rounds hit directly between the second floor windows scarring the brick facing of the building that can be still seen to this day.
It is believed that both Lee and Grant spent time in the building immediately prior to the surrender in nearby Appomattox." Copied from HERE

Built in 1887 as the first mortuary in Farmville.


  1. Beautiful old buildings and thank you for that most interesting history lesson!

  2. Wow that is a cool building and the history is incredible. Farmville well you know nice name:) Hug B

  3. Both buildings interest me- the history of the first one particularly. Yes, I do see what appears to be remnant damage.

  4. Nice old buildings. I like those old ads you see on the building. Thanks for the interesting history lesson!

  5. A lovely old building and amazing history.

  6. i always wonder why they don't do sign on buildings like this any more, is it too $$$ or what? so cool!! we see them all over VA. ( :

  7. Beautiful old buildings and the history is fascinating. I think Farmville is the home of Longwood University isn't it? The only reason I might know this is because the sorority I belonged to in college was founded there and we had to memorize that and a lot of other stuff before we could be initiated.

    1. YES!! and i'm going to do a post on Longwood and the sorority tomorrow!

  8. Nice buildings! I've only been through Farmville a couple of times. Good to see these.


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